About Us

Hi, my name is Renee Pokoj,

Family, food, health, community and gratitude impact who I am.

Here is a clip that features what I am all about. (there is a 45 sec intro)

Thirty years ago I married my loving husband, and we have three amazing children.  As both wife and mother, I view myself as the gatekeeper of our home.  You might ask yourself what that means.  Food, attitude and my outlook impact the family as a whole.  If they are toxic, the outcome is quite dismal.

Honestly, my attitude and outlook are positive and upbeat – my glass is always half full.  I’m especially grateful for the loving family, friends, and community that share in this amazing life.  Food has and still is a learning curve.

At this point, food should be a no-brainer, right?  The joy I feel in creating a mouthwatering meal gives me great pleasure.  However, a while back what I thought was healthy eating was quite toxic.  I was uninformed about processed foods, chemicals/toxins sprayed on our produce, pumping animals with pharmaceuticals drugs because of unhealthy living conditions, water loaded with chlorine and fluoride and so much more.  As I continue to learn and share that knowledge, I am making an impact on not just my family, but all those I come into contact.

The amount of time I spend in the kitchen is a labor of love.  The food I serve not only is scrumptious (of course there is a bomb meal now and then) it is clean and loaded with nutrients to support our bodies.   On any given day I love to share about nutrient dense food, fermented foods, essential oils, non-toxic living and sooooo much more.  My passion has driven me to teach classes on all these topics.  I love interacting with others and learning from them as much as they learn from me.

What I once called my food journey has now become a lifestyle.  When making changes in your life do it one step at a time.  Do what you can, every small change is positive.  It is better to start with small steps rather than become overwhelmed and do nothing.

Organic Stepping Stones is a collaboration of my continued journey which I openly want to share with you.  Thank you for joining in this life long journey.

To your health and wellness

Renee Pokoj