So you ask yourself what does clean eating mean?  In a nut shell going back to the basics – unprocessed foods.

organic vegtables

Many years ago the produce you purchased and ate was organic.

None of the food was labeled ‘organic’ because that was the way farmers grew crops.  ‘Fertilizer’ meant using manure (naturally occurring on the farm) not utilizing chemicals that make our food toxic.

Out-of-Season Vegetables & GMOs

Generations ago people would only eat what was in season.  What that means is if you live in Michigan during the month of February you are not eating fresh grown tomatoes. Instead, you are enjoying root vegetables and fermented vegetable from the previous growing season.

To get those tomatoes, they are either hot house grown or from a climate that can grow them. However, this process comes at a cost, the cost of fuel and pollution from airplanes, trains, and trucks. During the long journey, the produce is most often sprayed to keep it fresh or slow down the ripening process.

A high price to pay for both our environment and our health.

GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds only add to the problem. Isn’t it interesting that in the articles I have read the percentage of GMO corn and soybean in the US ranges from 70 to 95%? (please leave a comment if I am incorrect)  In the process of genetic modification or engineering, scientists are removing one or more genes from the DNA of one organism and recombine them with the DNA of another organism.  The DNA can combine with other plants, animal, virus or bacterium.  Some people might consider this means of food production as frankenfood.  My suggestion to eating healthy foods is growing  produce yourself,  find a local farmer who practices organic standards and eat seasonally.

What is Happening to Our Food?

Once you open the door to get a closer look at our food production, it makes you begin to question everything.  There was a time many years ago that I purchased everything I needed from my local grocery store.  All those products I assumed were not only right for my family but safe.  It is with a sad heart that our health is not the priority, financial gain is.  Don’t get me wrong I’m all about the American Dream and financially security, but at what cost to our families and communities.   Have you looked that the ingredient labels on some of your favorites foods?  Can you enunciate them?  Do you know what there are?  If you wanted to purchase all the ingredients to recreate the product can you?  Or does it appear that the product was prepared in a lab rather than a kitchen? Start making small changes, look for packaging that has 5 or less ingredient preferably ones you can recognize.

Make this a real journey toward better health.  Be conscious with your purchasing.  Know that you are being marketed to influence where your dollars are spent.  Continue to educate you self and keep moving forward.    Yes, your health is worth it.