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Aromatherapy Rice Bags – Hot or Cold

What you’ll need:

  • Cotton or Hemp fabric preferred
  • Dried Rice, not quick rice
  • Young Living essential oil/oils of your choice
  • Funnel, makes it easier when filling the bag with rice
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle for hand sewing


  1. Cut your fabric 21″x9″
  2. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together
  3. Stitch both sides to the top and stitch half of the top side too
  4. Turn the bag out, so fabric pattern is now on the outside
  5. Using a funnel (could be a paper funnel) fill bag with 3 cups dry rice
  6. Drop-in 3 to 5 drops of essential oil on rice
  7. Turn top edges of fabric toward the inside
  8. Stitch up the rest of the top of fabric bag

Your Aromatherapy Rice Bag can be heated in the microwave by heating in 30-second intervals until heated through.  Use on sore muscles, stomach cramps, to warm your cold feet in bed, you decide.  If you don’t have a microwave use a glass container with a glass lid and heat in the oven. 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  It is important to use a glass lid.  Without one the fabric will brown and then rip apart – I tried it and it does not work 🙂

For a cold Aromatherapy Rice Bag place bag in the freezer until you need it.  This works much better than a solid ice pack and even better than a frozen bag of vegetables that I used to use.

As the scent fades you can add more essential oil drops right on the fabric.

Choose from a wide selection of Young Living essential oils.  Some of our favorites are peppermint, lavender, orange, Raven, Stress Away, Cedarwood or even a mix like peppermint and lavender.

Bag size can be changed to any dimension.  Some people like it long and thinner to wrap around their neck, others prefer a larger size.  If you are going to make it larger I would stitch some channels in the fabric so the rice does not move to the outer edges and nothing in the center for example if you were to put it on your knee.

To your Health and Well-Being

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