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Do you need your appendix?

First off, if you think you may need to have your appendix removed, stop reading this article and get yourself to a hospital PLEASE, there is no DIY fix. We visited the US Department of Human and Health Resources who identified the symptoms of when you might need to have your appendix removed.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m all about digestive health.  Why?

Proper gut health leads to a healthy body and mind.   So that leaves the questions,  does the appendix play a part in this digestive influence? If so, then what is the REAL function of the appendix?

The latest research indicates that it does. Check out this video on Business Insider by Jasper Pickering featuring Dr. Michael Mosley explaining what your appendix does, and why it is so important (author of the 5:2 diet and the ‘Clever Guts Diet.’)

Does The Location of the Appendix Affect its Purpose?

The appendix is located near the junction of the large and small intestines.  Based on location alone, the appendix could have a large impact on our digestive system.  The appendix could reboot our healthy gut bacteria when overwhelmed.   

What, is our body trying to heal itself?  Yes, that is what happens.  

What we consume either helps or hinders our health.  Our bodies have many backup systems to try and keep us balanced.

At Duke University Medical  Center with the assistance of William Parker, Ph. D he believes that the immune system cells found in the appendix are there to protect the beneficial bacteria of our digestive system.  “While there is no smoking gun, the abundance of circumstantial evidence makes a strong case for the role of the appendix as a place where the good bacteria can live safe and undisturbed until they are needed,” said William Parker, Ph.D.  Severe vomiting, diarrhea or food poisoning can flush out all our health gut micros.   The appendix has a reserve of good bacteria could then re-establish the digestive system.

Further research at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute                                                         shows that the appendix is not just a vestigial or redundant organ.  Instead, it houses immune cells that play an important part of our digestive system.  For individuals with a comprised immune system, it is imperative to support healthy gut bacteria.

Personally, I have an emotional stake on this topic.  My son and brother have both had their appendix removed.  What steps are necessary to them and all who have had the same procedure.?  My family and community mean the world to me.  Striving to assist in understanding how the body functions with nature are root core.  Looking practically at the situation consider avoiding grains and dairy.  If you love your bread make or buy an organic sourdough that has been properly prepared.  If you must have dairy, consider buying raw or naturally cultured.  Eat organic if possible, wash conventional fruits and vegetables before consumption.  With all of your meals consume fermented foods or beverages.  Consider taking probiotics or even adding a quality yogurt to your diet.

This article is not meant to be medical advice, instead, information to help further your education on health.

What are your thoughts regarding the appendix?

Have you had yours removed?  What healthy-protocol do you implement?


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