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Why use Young Living Essential Oils?

When first getting into essential oils, the question arises: where does one begin?  There are many essential oils available in stores and online.  Is there really a difference in brands?  YES, not all brands are created equal.

Young Living is the world leader in Essential Oils and Oil Infused Products.  They are setting the industry standard for quality with over two decades of innovation.

Young Living is the only essential oil company that has a pain cream and acne cream infused with essential oils.  Even better, they have a whole line of oil infused supplements:

  • Skin care
  • Makeup
  • Infant care

And they have over 200 essential oils.

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I didn’t start with Young Living, but I was convinced

In the beginning, I dabbled with a few different companies.  After researching the oils,  it was clear that there are many reasons for choosing Young Living.

My family can say that they have experienced positive effects from using Young Living essential oils. We always have the diffuser going, an essential oil rack for easy access right in the kitchen, foaming soap dispensers with essential oils, supplements, and rollerballs throughout the house.

Every month I order a few products that replace toxic ones that I use.  The truth is, you can buy many products that you regularly use at the store from Young Living.  We all prefer the natural, non-toxic choices.  The added benefit is free products.  My local stores don’t offer that, do yours?

Young Living grows its crops… called Seed to Seal

The Seed to Seal Program was created using three pillars:  Sourcing, Science & Standards (For the record this is important)

Did you know that an essential oil can be labeled at 100% pure but have only 5% essential oil? What???  Yep, according to our government, that type of labeling is allowed.

Labeling rules like this are the reason the first pillar of Young Living is important.  Should we care what is in the products we purchase?  Yes, of course.

Sourcing Pillar:

  • YL uses only pure, authentic products and ingredients
  • All corporate farms, partner farms, seed to seal certified suppliers, third party manufactures follow stringent testing and ongoing audits
  • Young Living standards are the highest in the essential oil industry
  • Purity and authenticity of products are non-negotiable
  • Sources used you know and can trust

Young Living’s goal is to get the healthiest product to the consumer.  To cut costs, some companies use chemicals to extract the essential oils, providing a product that has chemical residue throughout it  We should not be applying toxic chemicals to our bodies.

This is why Young Living’s Science pillar is a crucial factor in deciding which oils to use.

Science Pillar:

  • Product development/Industry-leading research and quality
  • Third party testing for entirely objective opinions
  • Use advanced methods in State of the art labs for quality processing
  • Strict specification for all products using rigorous quality control

There is one more pillar that carries additional value – the Standard Pillar. As individuals and corporations, we make an impact on our environment, leaving a footprint.  This footprint could be positive or detrimental, and it impacts all of us.

Standards Pillar:

  • Legal, ethical, environmentally friendly benchmarks
  • Young Living partners follow a sustainable compliance program with environmental law, botanical harvesting, protecting landscapes, plants, and wildlife throughout the world
  • Dedicated to using more green practices
  • Uplift communities, use of ethical suppliers, and reforestation efforts

Wow.  That is plenty to consider.  The critical thing to remember is: Young Living only offers high-quality products.

What does Seed to Seal mean in a nutshell?

  • Seed – The unique selection of seeds used to grow
  • Cultivate – Sustainable agriculture expertise
  • Distill – Uses ancient and modern techniques for the ideal profile of all beneficial plant compounds
  • Test – The quality and purity of Young Living essential oil are tested in their labs and well as a trusted third-party facility
  • Seal – Before shipping to worldwide members, essential oils are processed by inspecting and sealing all bottles

Young Living offers healthy choices we can use in our daily lives.  These are products that support health rather than create health issues.

We all want our families to be happy and healthy, so today make the change become a Young Living member.

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