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Thieves Household Spray Cleaner

The one cleaner that does everything.  Yes I mean I use it for everything: the kitchen sink, counters, windows, bathroom tub, tile, toilet, sinks floors, and everything else.  Crazy good right.  The best part of this cleaner supports my health.  Natural plant-based cleaner, with only the good stuff but it takes care of all the yuck. That makes me smile.

The cost savings are huge.  One cleaner for the house.  Try adding up all your cleaners and checkout warning labels – that is a whole another topic.


What you’ll need:

  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 16 oz. glass spray bottle
  • Filtered water


  1. Pour 2 caps fulls of cleaner in the bottle
  2. Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with water
  3. Leave room for the spray top.
  4. Screw on spray top and gently shake to combine

That is it!

If you want you could make a separate cleaner bottle for windows and mirrors using only one capful.  You could have another bottle for heavy-duty cleaning that has 3 capfuls.  I’m a one and done kind of girl.  If I need extra strength I will pour straight from the bottle or use some of my stain dropper.

Spot testing is always a good idea.  I have not had any issues but let’s be safe and test first.

Yes, the spray bottle is only half full I went on a cleaning spree right before I took the picture 🙂

NOTE:  Save your empty Thieves bottles then buy a sprayer top.  Fill like instructions above. I like to leave the plastic spray bottle in the bathroom to spray down the shower after I’m done, this makes cleaning the shower much easier.

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