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How to Make a Nasal Inhaler w/ Essential Oils


essential oil inhalers
A colorful assortment of nasal inhalers

Inhaling essential oils may seem a bit extreme at first. However essential oils are entirely natural and organic (from Young Living). Breathing essential oils scent has no adverse side effects whatsoever, quite the opposite actually and the benefits vary from oil to oil- yay!


When on-the-go, using essential oils from a nasal aromatherapy inhaler (like Vicks vapor rub, without all the toxins) is more convenient than using the bottles to apply them. However, when relaxing at home, a diffuser is always my go-to.

Outside of the house, my kids prefer the inhaler because they don’t want to “smell different around their friends” but still can carry it with them!

How I use a nasal aromatherapy inhaler

There are tons of great uses for a nasal inhaler, who doesn’t want portable aromatherapy with them all the time?

I have a cousin who uses it to help her quit smoking so religiously in the car when she drives.

You might want to for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight
  • Take it anywhere
  • Target body system you want to support
  • Calm yourself
  • Looking for an uplifting moment
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Refillable
  • So Convenient

Nasal Aromatherapy Inhaler is simple to make.  It takes only a few seconds. Then bam done.

Okay, you ask what a nasal inhaler is?

Well, they come as nasal blanks.  Included are the plastic base, cotton wick, inhaler, and cover (metal blanks are also available).

The only other thing you need is a quality essential oil.  Young Living is the brand I use, pure oil with no additives.

Maybe a label or use a sharpie to identify your oil choice/choices.

How do I make a nasal aromatherapy inhaler?

  1. You need a nasal blank
  2. Choose your Young Living essential oil single, blend or create your blend
  3. Apply 6 to 10 drops of essential oil on the cotton wick
  4. Insert cotton wick into inhaler with cover attached
  5. Snap on base

Your inhaler will last a month to several months.  If your inhaler is a disposal one you can recharge by using a thin tip pipette to add the essential oil drops in the opening at the top of the inhaler.

How Do I Use My Inhaler?

  • Unscrew the cover
  • Place near your nostril (there is no need to touch your skin)
  • Using your finger press against your nose to close the opposite nostril
  • Inhale slowly and deeply for 3 to 5 seconds
  • Repeat each side twice

You can use your inhaler every 2 to 3 hour if desired

What essential oil should I use?

That is a personal preference.  Below is a few suggestion.  In the description, I’m only listing one use for each oil. However, every essential oil supports many areas of the body.

As pictured above:

  1. Joy, okay I think that is self-explanatory,  who does not need some more joy?
  2. Lavender – Need a little calming in your life?  Try this oil.
  3. RC – Great for respiratory support.
  4. Peace & Calming – Love this one.
  5. Peppermint – Great before exercise, get that oxygen flowing.  Help open your airways too.
  6. Stress Away – One of my favorites.
  7. Thieves – Support your immune system.
  8. There are so many more

What is your favorite essential oil? Does it have particular uses or just smell great?? Let us know in the comments!

If you were looking to get started with essential oils, I’m here to help you on your journey; please email any questions to

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