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Fooducate: An App to Quickly Scan Ingredients in Food

Are you using the app Fooducate on your phone or computer? You should be!

Tracking what food is good for you and which ones are not can seem very time-consuming at the grocery store, luckily that’s exactly what makes Fooducate amazing!

Everyone can use some help identifying the bad ingredients in food between GMO and other processed foods/chemicals, but Fooducate helps with more than food ingredient lookup such as…

  • Health Tracker
  • Food Finder
  • Community Support
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Diet Tidbits

Finding the Best Food (Ingredients) & More!

Everyone’s goal is to avoid the worst ingredients in foods and consume more of the good ones, we can all agree there.

The general consensus of eating healthy begins to unravel for a number of reasons, two of the main culprits are trackability and accountability of what we buy at the store (to put in our bodys later.)

This is where the sections of the App come into play that we mentioned earlier.

Health Tracker Section

Looking to lose weight? Are you trying to build muscle? The health tracker will help guide you towards your fitness goals based on your profile.

You can enter your height, weight, age, and gender.  Enter your meals, workouts,  notes on how you feel, sleep patterns, track your progress and more.  The more information you add, the more patterns will develop to help you feel your best and achieve your desired stature. It tracks your calories and lets you know how many you still have available for the day.

Food Finder Section

My personal favorite is the food finder.  If you don’t like to read labels but you know it is in your best interest Fooducate does it for you plus more.

  • Scan the barcode using your phone at the store or even the products you have at home, then get an instant report.
  • It gives the product a rating from A to D.  Sort of like when you were in school, so let’s shoot for an A.
  • After it gives you a letter rating is also explains why.

What does the product rating mean?

For example, some low rating food items might be: highly processed, a large quantity of sugar, contains high fructose corn syrup, FDA’s toxicity watchlist, artificial flavors, contains sodium benzoate and more.  If you are unsure what something means like sodium benzoate you can read the definition and health effect it has.  If it has a higher rating like an A or B, it may contain a natural source of Vitamin A, High in vitamin C, minimally processed, top product in its category, a good source of calcium and other information.

It lists nutrition including ingredients, calories, sugar, fat, proteins and more.  If the product you want to buy has a low rating there is a tab that gives you other alternatives to choose from.  What a great resource.  This one feature does so much work for you and is such a time saver it is a must-have.   The food finder feature allows users to comment on the product.  This can be quite helpful.  If you are new to eating cleaner foods, it enables you to learn from other users.  For example, my organic butter has a rating of C- (extremely low in my opinion) because it is high in saturated fat.  Butter is a healthy fat that feeds our brain and all the rest of our vital organs.  Without consuming good fats, we are starving the very organs that give us life.  It’s  helpful that a user has posted information on why butter is good for us.  This gives us more information to make a better-informed decision on what we consume.

Okay, can you tell I really like this feature?  I Do!!!!

Community Support Section

This feature allows users to interact.

  • Share photos and weight loss stories.
  • Support others by leaving positive comments (who doesn’t need some positive reinforcements)
  • Share how you are feeling
  • Photos of healthy, yummy food you have prepared

Healthy Recipe Section

Here is another excellent feature.  Share your recipe in a whole new way.  Of course, you get the recipe, but you get so much more.  The ingredient list is in picture form of all the items showing brand used.   Then there are the standard directions.  The recipe is followed by a detailed nutrition report complete with green checks and red ! for you to consider.  For me, I like to swap out conventional fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry for organic.  If I’m using beans, for example, I prefer a glass jar over a canned product.  Ideally, start with dried beans that you prepare yourself, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.  Make the best choices you can.

Diet Tidbit Section

Like the title indicates food nutrition information that is helpful and users can make comments.  Currently listed is an article all about the benefits of turmeric.  Recently I posted an article about inflammation and turmeric is a beneficial spice.

Some other topics listed:

  1. Brown spots on Cauliflower
  2. Recommendation of Book – Born to Eat
  3. Do Artifical Sweeteners have an impact on Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Is Agave nectar good for us?
  5. Rice Cakes pros and cons
  6. Organic Food – Setting a higher bar

There are short articles with a variety of food information.  Check it out and comment on it.


4 Reasons you should get the Fooducate app:

  1. Database of 250,000 foods with Nutrition Grades
  2. Recommendations tailored for you
  3. Community interested in healthier choices
  4. it’s Free!


Get started today:

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  1. i live in Australia and cannot download the app??????

    1. Hello Patricia,

      Sorry you cannot download the app. Here is the website, maybe you can reach out to find out how you can.

      Thanks for reaching out.

      To your health

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