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Yes, It is Important to Eat Cod Fish

If you are currently not eating wild-caught fish like cod, you are missing out on another great form of good protein.  The more varied your diet the greater the spectrum of nutrients you are consuming.

Cod Contains

  • B Vitamins – Energy, Healthy Nerves, Improves Cardiovascular System
  • Phosphorus – Cell Health, Energy, Maintain Bodies Chemical Balance
  • Selenium – Creates antioxidants, Boosts Immune System
  • Omega 3 – Reduces risk of heart disease, Stroke, Forms of Dementia

How to Cook Cod

The healthier options for cooking cod is baked, broiled or grilled.  If you choose to consume deep-fried cod, it is no longer is considered a healthy choice. Remember the goal should be making healthier choices and moving away from processed foods.  Deep fried fish sticks and sandwiches do not offer the same health benefits as baked, broiled or grilled fish.

Read the Label

It is always in your best interest to read the label!  When I was first told to read the label of wild caught fish, I wondered what else could be in the package other than fish.  Some companies process Cod in a salt solution, also known as sodium.  In a 3 ounce cut of wild-caught cod, the sodium level is about 80 milligrams in comparison to a treated piece of cod with over 300 milligrams.  That is a huge factor considering the fact that the difference is going from 5% of your daily sodium intake to about 20%.   Unfortunately, label reading is a must 🙁

Moderate Consumption

Fish does contain some levels of mercury.  Cod has been sited to be labeled as both low and moderate levels of mercury, so don’t eat it daily.  Anyway, the variety of foods is best for our overall health, mix it up, people.

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