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Coffee with Keena

What is Coffee with Keena?

Coffee with Keena is a radio show hosted by Shakeena Melbourne.

Purpose of the Show

  • Interview experts to share their knowledge with listeners
  • Educate the community
  • Share resources in our community

Recently I had the honor of meeting Shakeena in a small group setting, what an inspiration!

During April on Coffee with Keena women and health is the featured topic.  It was a privilege to be interviewed this month.  We had the opportunity to talk about nutrient dense food, fermented foods and beverages, and a Young Living healthy lifestyle.

Past Shows

Every week Shakeena interviews someone different.  Her radio shows inspire us, supports community, shares fun/humor and educates.  Here are a few previous topics.

  1. Veterans and Business
  2. Education
  3. Grant Writing
  4. Business Planning

Tune in Tuesdays at 6:00 pm to enjoy her show on her website or the radio shows platform.

If you want to get all the info (Conversations during music breaks) tune into her facebook page.

Another option is to check out her YouTube Channel.

About Shakeena Melbourne

Shakeena is a lawyer; her practice is called Upton Law, PLLC

Upton Law’s practice covers, business development, real estate, and estate planning.

Outside the law, her passion is to help inform people of resources that are available in our community.  Upton Law allows her to meet individuals that also want to make a positive impact in the local area. She can share their story through Coffee with Keena.

Shakeena prides herself in volunteering at a literacy center called Center 4 Success, a veterans court, at church and a free legal clinic called Common Ground.


Thank you for inspiring us all to be better people and to give back to our communities.




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