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Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan

Recently I had the honor of meeting Maggie Varney, Founder & CEO of Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center and Salon.  The team she has created has made a difference in over 4000 children’s lives.  WOW, that is huge!  All these children were helped by receiving a custom made wig at no cost to the child or family.  Adult wigs don’t fit kids and are not styled for children.

It is unfortunate that health insurance companies will not help cover any of the cost for these children to receive a wig (but here is how you can help change that).  Most of the children Maggie works with have cancer and other patients that have lost their hair and are battling for their health.  By receiving a wig, it is one less obstacle they have to deal with. Hair loss can be devastating for anyone and for a child it is one more social and emotional issue to deal with daily.

Children from the ages of 3 to 18 are welcome to come to Maggie’s Wellness Center.   They offer medical and education support services at no cost to families.  Children have the opportunity to meet other kids dealing with similar situations. At the wellness center, they offer educational support services such as art, beading, & music therapy, field trips, nutrition, self-empowerment, medical support, child life specialists and so much more.

The Go Green Salon located inside Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan services men, women, and children.  Those who donate their hair are helping children to receive a wig and 50% of their hair cutting fee is donated to Wigs for Kids.

The exciting news is we can all help Maggie continue to serve children in need.

How Can You Help

“Together, we can give a child hope.” – Maggie Varney.  For all the details on Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan visit her website.

Thank you from all the past and future children that have and will be helped by this program, yes you can make a difference.

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