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DIY Stain Dropper

We all need a little help doing the laundry.  Stains happen, that is life.  Sometimes we get messy while having fun or working on projects.

This is a powerhouse, let’s get started.


What you’ll need:


  1. Fill the bottle with one-third of each of the above ingredients
  2. Fill only to the shoulder of the bottle to allow room for the eyedropper
  3. Screw-on the top
  4. Gently shake to combine
  5. Use on stains before doing laundry

Optional method: 

Use equal amounts of cleaner and dish soap if you don’t have the laundry soap yet.

I tried using a spray bottle but it got foaming and started running down the side of the bottle (I felt that I was getting more on my hands than my garment).  The eyedropper allows for targeted application.

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