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Do you need your appendix?

First off, if you think you may need to have your appendix removed, stop reading this article and get yourself to a hospital PLEASE, there is no DIY fix. We visited the US Department of Human and Health Resources who identified the symptoms of when you might need to have your appendix removed.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m all about digestive health.  Why?

Proper gut health leads to a healthy body and mind.   So that leaves the questions,  does the appendix play a part in this digestive influence? If so, then what is the REAL function of the appendix?

The latest research indicates that Continue reading Do you need your appendix?

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Maintain a Healthy Gut for a Healthy Body & Mind

Are you taking probiotics for better digestive health? There is a more natural way.

improve gut health with probiotics from fermented foods

Would you be surprised if I told you the best probiotic for gut health does not come in pill form?

For thousands of years, people have been fermenting vegetables and fruits for preservation.  Little did they know that by preserving foods with fermentation, they added many health benefits beyond extended shelf life.

Even the US National Library of Medicine published Continue reading Maintain a Healthy Gut for a Healthy Body & Mind

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Crunch into a Fermented Green Bean “Pickle”

Crunchy Dilly Green Beans, as we call them are a delightful and healthy treat.

ingredients for dilly beans

After leaving the farmers market with an overwhelming amount of green beans, or after collecting a large crop, ferment them!

Crunchy dilly green beans taste similar to a dill pickle.  How fun is that!

These fermented green beans are super easy to make and a great complement to any meal.  Not to mention that adding a fermented food during meal time will help break down your meal during digestion.  Which means the nutrients already found in the food you eat will be more bio-available. Continue reading Crunch into a Fermented Green Bean “Pickle”