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Airport Travel and Germs, Should you be Concerned?

During the cold season, you probably only pay attention to the person who is visibly sick and keep your distance from them, but certain surfaces at the airport contain substantially larger bacteria colonies than other areas. (You may not be able to see them, but they are there!) It is normal for bacteria to be everywhere, but it’s the bad bacteria that we need to be more aware of and can make you ill.

Studies were conducted by the website Travelmath, the University of Nottingham in England, and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare to collect samples of surfaces both in the airport and in the airplane.

Most people would think that the toilet would be the biggest offender, but surprisingly it is not.  When using the restroom, most people are careful with what they touch and follow up with washing their hands with warm soapy water. Where else are these bad bacteria hiding? Continue reading Airport Travel and Germs, Should you be Concerned?

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One simple answer for beautiful, radiant, skin… Exfoliate

Have you ever felt like your skin was just there?  Not glowing, soft or toned but it functioned well by covering your body lol.

Well believe it or not the simple truth is all you need to do is exfoliate.

What is Exfoliating?

  • The short and sweet of it is the process of removing dead dried skin cells from the surface of our body.
  • Deep cleansing of your pores
  • Smooths the skin’s surface

Why should we exfoliate?  The golden question.

  • Eliminates infected and clogged pores
  • Smooths the texture of the skin
  • Minimizes whiteheads (we don’t want those, right?)
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Radiant, softer skin (that’s all I need to know)
  • Fades dark spots
  • Allows moisture to penetrate deeply hydrating the skin
  • Reduces fine lines

Okay, so I got your attention and you’re ready to learn more.  The beauty of it all is that exfoliating is a simple and quick step to add to your routine. Continue reading One simple answer for beautiful, radiant, skin… Exfoliate

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Have you heard all the Buzz about Fermented Sauerkraut?

Fermented Sauerkraut seems to be all the rage right now.   Actually, cultured kraut has been around for thousands of years.  it’s just now coming back into the limelight and for good reasons.

Benefits of Consuming Fermented Sauerkraut

  • Contains larger quantity of vitamins than raw cabbage
  • Improves your digestion and overall health
  • Live micros increase absorption of nutrients
  • Antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Strengthens Bones –  due to vitamin K2
  • Improves brain function

It is super easy and cost-effective to make sauerkraut.  Here is a simple recipe to get you started making your own. Continue reading Have you heard all the Buzz about Fermented Sauerkraut?

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Yes, It is Important to Eat Cod Fish

If you are currently not eating wild-caught fish like cod, you are missing out on another great form of good protein.  The more varied your diet the greater the spectrum of nutrients you are consuming.

Cod Contains

  • B Vitamins – Energy, Healthy Nerves, Improves Cardiovascular System
  • Phosphorus – Cell Health, Energy, Maintain Bodies Chemical Balance
  • Selenium – Creates antioxidants, Boosts Immune System
  • Omega 3 – Reduces risk of heart disease, Stroke, Forms of Dementia

Continue reading Yes, It is Important to Eat Cod Fish

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Learn How to Get Rid of Cellulite in a Healthy Way

Cellulite seems to creep up on our thighs, legs, butt, and stomach and then one day we wonder how it appeared.

Next, we try to figure out if there is anything we can do about it.

If there is a natural way, I’m all in.

With this in mind, it’s time to dig in and do some homework on how to get rid of the cellulite for good!

I Propose the Grapefruit Cellulite Challenge! Who’s Ready?

We all want to discover vibrant-looking skin again, whats to lose? We’re not asking for any money here!! (just keep reading)

For the first time, my New Year Resolution will be about cellulite reduction

Continue reading Learn How to Get Rid of Cellulite in a Healthy Way

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7 Ways Bell Peppers Benefit your Health

Fresh red sweet pepper on a wooden rustic board
Fresh red sweet pepper on a wooden rustic board

With so many people jumping on the “get healthy” band wagon this year, it’s been interesting to see that bell peppers have joined the good diet list.

Bell peppers, particularly the brighter colored ones, are favored for their mild heat and lovely taste. They can jazz up your favorite salad or be eaten alone as a flavorsome roasted snack.

But did you know that bell peppers impact your health in beneficial ways?

See for yourself.

Continue reading 7 Ways Bell Peppers Benefit your Health

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Do you need your appendix?

First off, if you think you may need to have your appendix removed, stop reading this article and get yourself to a hospital PLEASE, there is no DIY fix. We visited the US Department of Human and Health Resources who identified the symptoms of when you might need to have your appendix removed.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m all about digestive health.  Why?

Proper gut health leads to a healthy body and mind.   So that leaves the questions,  does the appendix play a part in this digestive influence? If so, then what is the REAL function of the appendix?

The latest research indicates that Continue reading Do you need your appendix?

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Maintain a Healthy Gut for a Healthy Body & Mind

Are you taking probiotics for better digestive health? There is a more natural way.

improve gut health with probiotics from fermented foods

Would you be surprised if I told you the best probiotic for gut health does not come in pill form?

For thousands of years, people have been fermenting vegetables and fruits for preservation.  Little did they know that by preserving foods with fermentation, they added many health benefits beyond extended shelf life.

Even the US National Library of Medicine published Continue reading Maintain a Healthy Gut for a Healthy Body & Mind